September 5, 2020




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MANCAVE is a time when the men of the Church come together once a month to engage an inspiring and practical teaching directly related to overcoming the common challenges facing men’s lives. It is a time of collective encouragement that equips our men with the tools necessary to thrive and live a fully engage life.

 Our next MANCAVE Gathering:

  • Date: Saturday, August 1
  • Time: 8:00am to 9:30am
  • Location: The Los Robles Greens outdoor amphitheater (a.k.a. The Gardens).

What to bring

  • Your own beverage
  • Your own facemask*
  • Your own lawn chair*
  • Your own Bible and/or notepad and pen

* we will have a few extra chairs and disposable facemasks if you do not have your own.

** There is no need to register, there is no cost, and all men are welcome.

For more info, contact our Men’s Ministry Director, Jade Molina.


September 5, 2020